Kilcourse wins Poetry Out Loud contest

Kilcourse wins Poetry Out Loud contest

By Sierra Sherburn Posted March 3, 2010

Last week Lowry held the Poetry Out Loud Contest. Those involved were Brendan Kilcourse, Jaren Cornwall, and Melissa Miller.

Kilcourse won first place, Cornwall second place, and Miller taking third.

The prizes were $100 for first place and $60 for second. Kilcoures took first by acting out the poem “Charge of Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

To be involved in the contest, participants had to memorize the entire poem.

Reciting a poem in front of people can be nerve-racking. Cornwall had to restart his due to his nerves. Kilcourse was also nervous, even though he been through it before.

Nerves are a hard thing to overcome. This was Cornwall’s first time in this kind of contest. His poem was “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll.

Both Cornwall and Kilcourse were preparing for this contest for three months. Reciting these poems takes a long time and a lot of preparation.

These students really love poetry. There is hope that next year’s competition will have more competitors.

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