Lady Bucks worked hard throughout the season

Lady Bucks worked hard throughout the season

By Luz Magaña Posted March 4, 2022

Through the season of 2021-2022 the JV girl’s team had a strong uphold and only lost one game against Spring Creek. They showed dedication and hard work throughout the entire season.

This year was new and full of change as they had a new coach Mack Harrigan. She has been able to work with the girls and make them better players. She is incredibly proud of them and all of their accomplishments as a team. 

“I’m extremely proud of how hard they work endlessly,” said coach Harrigan. “Every practice, every game, from the first of the season to the last.”

Hard work definitely paid off making them one of the highest-ranked teams in the league.

Although the season was amazing there were still some downfalls.

“A lowlight was the fact that some games were canceled here and there making it harder for us to have fun and experience basketball,” said Jacqueline Sanchez.

Covid has made the season harder for the girls as they have had multiple games canceled or rescheduled due to others getting the virus. There have been multiple downfalls but mainly successes. 

This year the JV girls were able to beat Elko twice, one the school’s biggest rivals and the hardest to take down. Elko’s JV girls team is extremely strong and is able to take down most teams but not this time. 

“Elko is usually super good and is capable of beating other teams that we had lost to in the past, but this time we beat Elko,” said Cambria Tisue. 

This season was definitely a time for progression for the girls. They were able to work around games being canceled, people getting sick, and being back on the court after they did not get to play last year. Coach Harrigan is extremely proud of their accomplishments and so are the girls.