Lowry holds Winterfest

By Troy Hardy Posted February 28, 2012

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

The Winterfest dance this year was hosted by the senior class. They did a great job on decorating, and the dance was way better than last year. It looked like all the students had a great time. Like last year many students left early but this year many students stayed very late. The DJ did a get a great job picking the right music that the students listen to now.

Many students during Winterfest had a good time doing the activities that the Leadership class was hosting like Scavenger hunt, Battle of the Bucks, and also lunch time activities. There were more activities like Mr. Lowry and karaoke which was won by the juniors. It was a great time for the students and teachers that came. Everyone had a great laugh that night to see Alec Mayo with his 2nd year in a row win in the Mr. Lowry competition.

As for Winterfest King and Queen, the winners were Jonathan Landa and the queen was won by Betsy Guerrero.

I think, and many students and agree, that this was a great week of winter fest and the dance was sweet.

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