Lowry Homecoming brings out spooky spirit

Lowry Homecoming brings out spooky spirit

By Juliana Blatzheim and Luz Magaña

This year’s homecoming took place between October 9 to October 14 and was filled with spooky fun as students portrayed their Lowry spirit for the haunted theme.

The first spirit day began with Ghost Day, which saw many students dressed in white attire, as well as players in jerseys prepared for the Powderpuff game. This day featured a homecoming kickoff assembly, boosting excitement for the beginning of the week. The assembly featured performances from band, dance, and cheer, as well as competitive class games. 

“Watching the performances from cheer and dance as well as the games that are played make the assembly a lot more fun and exciting to watch,” said Alexa Silva. 

The homecoming after-school event, Powderpuff, took place next. Powderpuff allows students to bring out their competitiveness and take it out into the football field as well as the sidelines. Girls get into their best football gear as well as boys into their best stunt. Teams are made based on grade level with freshmen and seniors on one team and juniors and sophomores on another. This year the juniors and sophomores dominated the field leaving the other team in the dust. Juniors and sophomores took the trophy home against the seniors and freshmen. 

“As a senior, powderpuff has not been offered through my whole high school career, yet it is something that I have enjoyed participating in and are memories that I will forever cherish,” said Jacqueline Sanchez. 

The next spirit day was Terrifying Twin Day, a day to dress up with your friend in matching outfits. Many pairs were seen walking together wearing their twinning attire. 

“My boyfriend and I wore matching sweatshirts,” said Rebecca Stevenson. “We didn’t go all out but it was still fun.”

Wednesday gave students the option of dressing as a superhero or as a villain. Many students chose to wear the colors of their favorite superhero or villain, and some students even went all out and wore costumes of characters such as Spiderman. 

“I like the Marvel movies and comics because the artwork is so vivid and the whole universe is never-ending so I wore a Marvel shirt,” said Isabel Upton. “My favorite series is Loki.”

Wednesday night, the He-man game took place. He-man was once again dominated by Juniors leading them to the win. 

“It was a lot of fun and finally being able to win some games in He-man compared to other years was a great time,” said Gabe Lange. 

Thursday was a day of comfort, the Timid-N-Tired Pajama day. Students always enjoy the opportunity to show up fresh out of bed, and it was no different this week.

“Being able to wake up and not have to worry about what I’m going to wear to school is my favorite part about pajama day,” said Itzel Diaz. 

Friday, as always, brought back the classic Blue and Gold Day, letting students fully showcase their school pride. The seniors were seen with their self-painted Lowry jeans. Another assembly was held that day, featuring more performances and games for students to participate in. 

“Being able to start traditions here at Lowry is important to me,” said Maddison McClure. “A group of senior girls got together and decided that we were going to paint jeans all unique to each and every one of us. This was something that I really enjoyed doing.” 

The Homecoming dance took place on Saturday, October 14, ending off the week. As usual, lots of students showed up for a fun night out. 

“The dance was definitely a mystical experience,” said Julissa Diaz. “I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends.”