New teachers start their journey at Lowry High School

New teachers start their journey at Lowry High School

By Helena Monreal

Mr. John Brooks is a teacher here at Lowry High School who returned after retiring from Winnemucca Junior High School. He returned to teaching Algebra after being a PE teacher because he always believed that math was his strength and would like to share the knowledge with his students.

“I always felt that math was my strength in school so that I could share the knowledge,” said Brooks.
Even though he shares his knowledge with his students, he also believes that high schools have a more extensive and higher school spirit.

“I think that school spirit, especially in high school is a bigger thing than junior high, so I enjoy the prep rallies and all of that,” said Mr. Brooks.

Ms. Karina Cazares is a new staff member of Lowry High who works as an aide for Spanish classes with Mr. Clay Sagers. She likes helping with older kids, it seems easier for her, and she likes helping students and getting to know them.

“It been excellent helping out a lot which is nice to get to know students,” said Cazares. Although she likes helping them, she enjoys being an aid to help them learn and understand different things.

“Mostly helping the kids and helping them understand and learn different subjects,” Cazares.
Irene Plaisted used to be a sub for Lowry High, then after she saw an application to be a CLS teacher she told Principal Mr. Shaun Taylor she would love to take the spot.

“I told Mr. Taylor I would take the position if no one licensed applied,” said Plaisted. “I love working with children and do my best in preparing them to succeed in their future.”

She teaches different subjects and enjoys working with the students as well as with her aids, she also wishes that she could work as a CLS teacher.

“I have enjoyed working with each of my students and aides,” said Plaisted. “I hope to take on this class next year.”

Ms. Marcel Johnson has returned after retirement. Johnson comes to Lowry after working for Humboldt County for 27 years and recently was working for Humboldt Ford. She loves the kids and staff here at Lowry, and she enjoys being around the community. She will be working with Ms. Debra Whittaker in the Communities in School program (see story on Page 5).

“I love working with all the kids and Staff to help better our Community here at Lowry High School,” said Johnson.

Ms. Kalie Sullivan is a new staff member and she likes that the staff and administration have been welcoming and that there is a lot of support in this school.

“The staff and administration have been very welcoming and there is a lot of support from others,” said Sullivan.

Not only does she like how supportive this school is, but she also loves how she can connect with the students in ways that bother teachers can’t and is always there to help them accomplish their goals.

“I can connect with students in ways other teachers may not be able to,” said Sullivan. “I currently have small class sizes and can independently help students as they accomplish their goals.

Other or recently added staff members include Ms. Michele Doyle in Science Ms. Karen Lawson in Math and Ms. Michelle Garrison in Special Education.