Lowry’s Robotics Club turns heads with their outstanding success 

Lowry’s Robotics Club turns heads with their outstanding success 

By Audry Mason Posted March 10, 2023

The Robotics team has been a hit throughout this year. The team has participated in several competitions such as the VRC Battle in the Mucc. The event was successful thanks to Mr. Scott Santos and his club students.

The Robotics Club allows students to reveal their interests to those who understand them. 

“The Robotics club is a unique way for students to express their interests that others do not relate to,” said Kaycee Overton. “Mr. Santos has helped me improve tremendously in areas I’m weaker in, his help has also allowed me to compete at a higher level when we attend competitions.” 

There is more to Robotics than most people think. Students have the opportunity to learn extraordinary skills that they cannot learn in a basic classroom. 

“Those skills include application of the Engineering Design Process, 3D Modeling, and coding/programming,” said Santos. 

On February 25 the team competed at the Nevada High School VRC Championship in Las Vegas. The event was a positive experience even though the teams learned that the bar is set a bit higher in Southern Nevada.

Mia Preciado earned the event’s Inspire Award. Mia displayed notable leadership skills, and diligence as her team worked to design and construct their robot for events this season. Mia spent lunch breaks and time after school preparing the robot and even worked late at night at home on the team’s Engineering Notebook. This award was given to one of 56 teams at this event. The Inspire Award is presented to a team that has inspired judges with their approach to the VEX Robotics program 

Exploring the options robotics allows students to do is an extraordinary thing. Robotics benefits students in ways other classes cannot. 

“Robotics Club has helped me expand my skills in and out of the club,” said Caleb Sanders. “It helps me advance in other classes such as Auto Technology.” 

Team 89445A: Caleb Hales, Vyra Buxton, Tanner Hatch, Kailani Rodriguez Urban Team 89445B-Caleb Sanders, Bendigo Merki, Jace Frydendall, Branden Ferns and Team 89445C-Mia Preciado, Nevaeh Thornton, Jimena Vazquez-Lara and Kaycee Overton

/Courtesy • Scott Santos
/Courtesy • Scott Santos