Math Student of the Week: Isabel Upton

Math Student of the Week: Isabel Upton

By Macy Whitted Posted March 21, 2023

Mrs. Virginia Parker chose Isabel Upton for this week’s Math Student of the Week. Parker is pleased with the way Upton is passionate about doing her work. Upton is dedicated to her work because she also participates in extracurricular activities.

Upton excels in all her work and always comes prepared for class. Mrs. Parker enjoys having Upton in her class because she is always on top of her work, even when she is absent.

“She is a hard-working student that goes above and beyond any expectation,” said Parker. “If Isabel is going to be gone, she always asks for her work ahead of time. She completes the assignments as they are due rather than waiting until she comes back from being absent,” said Parker.

Upton excels in math because she feels it becomes an easier class if you can understand the math.

“I enjoy the class because when you know how to do the work, it’s actually really fun,” said Upton.

She gets her work done so she doesn’t have to stress about it later on. The work becomes a lot easier and fun when you can comprehend it.