Shelbie Hoyt chosen as Student-Athlete of the Week

Shelbie Hoyt chosen as Student-Athlete of the Week

By Allyssa Venzor Posted March24, 2023

Softball is a sport where teamwork really does make the dream work. It is also a sport where an effort you make could be the effort that affects the whole team. Varsity softball coach, Austin Mayo, has selected Shelbie Hoyt as the athlete of the week. 

“I am choosing Shelbie because as a senior, she has shown excellent leadership this year,” said Mayo. “She has always been a capable and gifted player but this year she has really shown an eagerness to step and lead by example, helping out returning and new players alike, as well as teaching them the standards and traditions we have as the Lowry softball program.”

Shelbie Hoyt enjoys the competitiveness in the game as well as making new friends along the way.

“I love the competitiveness with softball, I am a very competitive person and I have always enjoyed the grind,” said Hoyt. “I also like building friendships with people I may not even expect to build friendships with!”

Hoyt has been playing softball for most of her life and plays the sport year-round.

“Honestly I can’t even remember when I started softball, probably when I was 4 or 5, all I know is that I have been around softball all of my life,” said Hoyt.

Hoyts’ advice to anyone looking into doing softball is to keep going with it.

“I would recommend just to keep going,” says Hoyt. “Nothing that is easy is worth doing, there is no reward from it. It may not be convenient at first but if you work hard, it’ll all be worth it.”

Mayo enjoys the bonds and friendships made over the season and the mental side of the game. This can come from softball and how the team’s plans all play out on the field.

“I enjoy the camaraderie that goes into softball and the mental side of the game that the casual fan doesn’t get to see,” said Mayo. “There is a lot of strategy and thought that goes into a game plan but then it is up to the athletes to execute that on the field. I love to see when a team and plan come together and are executed well.”