CTE Student of the Week: Serenity Ward

CTE Student of the Week: Serenity Ward

By Danielle Scott Posted March 16, 2023

Serenity Ward was chosen as the CTE student of the week as a teacher’s assistant in Mr. Ron Espinola’s Web Design class.

“I have her in Web Design and as a TA,” said Espinola. “She simply does her work each day without question. It may not seem like much but it sets her apart from many students.”

Teachers rely on TAs to help them ensure students understand topics, gather materials, run errands around the classroom and school, and make their classes more fluid and functional.

“My favorite thing in Web Design is learning different things and creating your own web pages,” said Ward.

Ward consistently exceeds expectations when completing her assignments and when helping others with their work whether they do not understand the topic or they missed a lecture.

“During my free time I like to catch up on my work or I help others out if they need it,” said Ward. “My future plan is to have a successful job, and achieve my goals.”

Ward has been a student of Espinola’s since her freshman year and has continued to produce quality work every time, though his Web Design class previously and currently as his TA and Web Design III.

“It is a great benefit to a teacher to have a TA you can depend on since it really takes a load off of me by completing some daily tasks,” said Espinola.