Matthew Casalez selected as Student-Athlete of the Week

Matthew Casalez selected as Student-Athlete of the Week

By Ally Green Posted March 31, 2023

Baseball player Matthew Casalez fills his role as a team leader and is recognized by coach Brent Riemersma. He explains how he sees growth in his chosen player.

“Matty has stepped up as a leader on the squad,” said Riemersma. “He is beginning to show the crew what it takes to play Lowry ball. They are responding. Leading by example goes a long way.” 

During games and even in practice, he has full potential in Casalez and knows he can count on him whenever he needs him.

“Practice hard, and play to have fun,” said Riemersma. “When MC gets on base, he scores. When he pitches, he delivers. The team sees it and responds.”

Coach Riemersma lets his athletes show him what they’re capable of as well as making the sport enjoyable. According to Casalez, even though the season is beginning, there is a lot of room for growth for the team.

“I would say it’s pretty good, but at the same time kind of in the middle,” said Casalez. “But for the most part, it’s pretty okay. There’s definitely room for improvement on our team. I would say we have a home-winning record this year 6 and 5.”

With a large team and new upcoming players, there is a lot of learning and skills to be refreshed upon. It is important to have an understanding of how one another plays as well as a decent bond between the players.

“I have Gabe Lange and my brother on the team and I’m around them the majority of the time cause I’m closer with them and they make it really fun,” said Casalez.

When having friends on a team, it makes playing together with usually a team of about 15 players a lot easier than with random people.

“I like him, he’s a good coach, I like being with him, he knows what he’s doing,” said Casalez. “He helps explain to the freshman and the rest of the team to all find an understanding.”