New to the sport, Bernardo Estrada plays like a veteran

New to the sport, Bernardo Estrada plays like a veteran

By Cynthia Ruiz Posted November 6, 2023

Bernardo Estrada, a defender on the varsity boy’s soccer teams was recognized and nominated by coach Cristina Cuevas for his skills on the field.

“This is his second year playing soccer and first as a starter on the varsity team,” said Cuevas. “He plays as a defender and if you saw him play you would think he has been playing the sport for a long time.”

Even though he is a newbie to this sport his skills are beyond astonishing as his hard work and dedication are on the field.

“He is hard-working all the time and nothing ever really goes by him,” said Cuevas. “He is very patient with his position. Always have to be around him and what he brings to the team.”

Coach Cuevas noticed Estrada’s performance and she wants to see what he does next.

“It’s good; she’s done this last year,” said Estrada. I’ve thought about quitting and all we do is run really but the exercises are okay.”

Although the warm-ups are not his favorite part of soccer, especially in practice it doesn’t discourage him from having fun with his other teammates.

“It’s alright for the most part,” said Estrada. But what I enjoy most are my teammates because they make the most of it.”