Nigel Green hits the floor for the first time

Nigel Green hits the floor for the first time

By Elizabeth Carrillo Posted January 12, 2023

The coach of freshman boy’s basketball Daniel Westfall picked Nigel Green as Athlete of the Week. He picked him because of his ways as an athlete. He has shown a lot of potential in how he plays basketball. He has demonstrated to the coach that he has what it takes to be on the team.

One of Green’s best highlights was a recent game.

“Because he had 23 points, and also had steales,” said Westfall.

Westfall has seen a lot from Green and he likes what he sees. Green is a hard worker and his attitude on the court is excellent. Westfall enjoys coaching Green because he doesn’t give attitude, he does what the coach tells him to do, and he also works hard.

Green is proud of how his season is going because he went above and beyond with his playing.  

“I think my season’s highlight would be during the basketball tournaments,” said Green.

Green’s main highlight from the tournament was his score performance.

“When I dropped 27 points and the whole team was proud of me, I tied my coach’s scoring record,” said Green.

Green is gets ready to pass and to score. /Elizabeth Carrillo • The Brand
Green gets ready to pass and score. /Elizabeth Carrillo • The Brand