Performer of the Week: Chase Estes

Performer of the Week: Chase Estes

By Kevin Boyle Posted March 22, 2012

Next week the Lowry drama class will be performing a new play, Peter Pan.

“While the whole class is exceptional and dedicated there are a few that stand out”, said Mrs. James. “Chase Estes, Marian House, Jillian Pfarr, Jack Hill and Madison Hummer are some of the most outstanding and exceptional individuals in the class.”

Chase Estes is the lead, Peter Pan, in the play and also one of the most disciplined individuals.

Marion House is one the brightest and most creative in the class and also played Wendy in the play.

Jack Hill is the one who is always there and never misses a practice he may have put in the most effort on any member of the class.

Finally, Madison Hummer deserves special thanks for not even being in the class and still showing up just to help.
All of those people were instrumental in the production of Peter Pan.

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