Performer of the Week: Natalie Ellifritz

Performer of the Week: Natalie Ellifritz

By Jolyn Garcia  Posted October 10, 2012

This week the performer of the week is Natalie Ellifritz. She is a baritone saxophone player, and the only one in Lowry’s band.

Ellifritz is a freshman and has only started playing the saxophone this year. She began her musical career last year, when she began playing the bass clarinet.

“She asked me if she could try it [baritone saxophone],” said Mr. Paul Criddle.

Although Ellifritz is relatively new to band, she has adjusted well.

“She was shy the first couple of weeks,” stated Criddle, “but she has gotten really good at it.”

Lowry High School’s band will host its first concert October 17.