Press release: Senator Dean Heller responded to Nevada unemployment numbers

By Brody Goucher Posted September 19, 2012

Senator Heller blamed the failing economy on Washington and Congress.

“This stagnant economy is further proof that the policies coming from Washington are failing”, said Senator Heller.

In the press release also showed that Senator Heller had nothing good to say about the unemployment numbers and the job that Washington has done in the past four years.

Senator Heller also said that Nevadans are tired of waiting for the president and Congress to come up with solutions and that so far all the American people have received so far is broken promises.

The press release also showed that Heller said that so far Washington’s policies have made a bad situation worse, and Heller also said to fix all the problems that he said Washington has caused we need to reform the tax code, rein in burdensome regulations, and help families stay in their homes.

The press release stated that this issue seems especially important to Nevadans because in July our unemployment rate rose from 11.6 percent to 12 percent. In Nevada’s biggest city, Las Vegas, the unemployment rate increased to 12.9 percent.