Press Release: Statement by the President on North Korean announcement of nuclear test

By Weston Irons Posted February 15, 2013

A press release from the White House dated February 12 said that North Korea announced that they had conducted their third nuclear missile test.

It has been a short amount of time since the second launch North Korea had, which was on December 12. These launches violate North Korea’s obligations under many United Nations Security Council resolutions the release said. North Korea’s missile program still constitutes as a threat to U.S. national security as well as to international peace and security of other countries. The President stated that the United States will remain vigilant and in the face of North Korea and also loyal and steadfast in our commitments to our allies in the region.

The press release also says that in no way does this make North Korea a more secure country. It also is far from its goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation. North Korea has used these weapons in order to threaten their people to meet their demands and deliver.

As the President continued he said the United States will continue in taking steps in order to defend not only ourselves but our allies. The release finishes on saying that the United Nations Security Council, and other UN members will make this dilemma is taken care of.