Lowry wrestlers 5-peat

Lowry wrestlers 5-peat

By Josh Shaver Posted February 12, 2013

The Lowry wrestlers this past weekend won state for the 5th time in a row. The team racked up 231 points, and the closest team to the Bucks was Spring Creek scoring 130. Lowry’s five of the nine wrestlers won state. The winners consisted of Michael Billingsley who won his fourth championship in a row, Beau Billingsley with his second championship, Brandon Okuma, Daniel Pollock, and Cody Anderson.

The wrestlers had a solid season all year increasing their dual win streak to 75.

 Although some may have thought the 2013 team wasn’t as good as the 2012 version; they dispelled any doubts.

“At the beginning of the year, people were doubting us and saying we weren’t going to be as good as we were in previous years. We clearly proved to those people that we still are as good as in previous years,” said Daniel Pollock.

Pollock understands the effort it takes to wrestle and win for Lowry.

“After four years it was great winning it individually. I think it is even better winning as a team than it was individually though,” said Pollock.

The cool thing about Daniel winning state is now that everyone in his family has won. His mom won a state championship as a coach and player in basketball, his dad won in wrestling, and his brother won in wrestling.

Michael Billingsley was the second person ever in Lowry history to win four state championships. With that being said everyone in his family as well as won the state besides his youngest brother because he is not in high school yet. Beau won back-to-back and is only a sophomore and has the chance to win four as well. His dad Tim won two in and was runner-up one year.

The Lowry wrestling program is probably the best in the state and is full of tradition. The program will hopefully continue to dominate next year and is looking for a sixth straight.