Ryder Huitt selected for his high-powered proficiency 

Ryder Huitt selected for his high-powered proficiency 

By Cynthia Ruiz Posted March 18, 2024

As the varsity track season hits Ryder Huitt was chosen by Mr. Tyrell Lucas for demonstrating an enthusiastic and optimistic performance.

“I’m nominating Ryder because he’s a very dedicated student-athlete,” said Lucas. “He’s a very hard worker and does whatever he’s asked to do.” 

Mr. Lucas observes Huitt and his strong efforts at anything he does such as jumping over a hurdle or running.

“His positive attitude and his willingness to try new things that his coach is asking him to do,” said Lucas. “And is polite to everyone around him.”

Not only does he show his dedication but also puts out bright confidence in himself and his other teammates.

“My goal is to at least PR somewhat and try to make it into state,” said Huitt. “Any advice I’d give to anyone is it might seem hard at first but you just gotta keep pushing through it ’cause it’s gonna get a lot funner [sic] and easier.” 

He also states that it’s all about discipline and just pushing yourself through tough situations such as sports like track without giving up.

“What I enjoy the most is hanging out with friends,” said Huitt. “And to improve myself is to try to get faster.”