Student-Athlete of the Issue: Landon Esquivel

Student-Athlete of the Issue: Landon Esquivel

By Alexa Toscano 

Senior Landon Esquivel has dedicated his four years of high school to playing golf. He started out when he was young by playing with his uncle. Esquivel has had many favorite memories throughout his high school career. 

He recalls the scenic views of the courses he has been on and the memories with his teammates. 

“The places that it has taken me are definitely one of my favorites; they’re all very unique,” said Esquivel. 

Esquivel has played other sports however none of them have had a greater impact on him than golf. 

He is always keeping a positive attitude and always continues to push himself to the best of his abilities.

One of the things that separates Esquivel from the rest is that he truly enjoys the sport but not just that but also the special bond that it lets him have with his family. Any free chance that he gets, he practices his swing. He has made a positive impression on many people, including his coach. 

“He’s a talented player,” said Meyer. “He could do something with the game if he wanted to, Meyer said. He’s got great natural ability and a strong work ethic.”

Not only is Esquivel a dedicated athlete but he also is dedicated to his studies. He makes sure to try and stay organized so that he does not fall behind in his school. 

For him, family is something that is important. Their support and encouragement is what keeps him going. 

Throughout his four years of high school, Esquivel has made many memories and participated in not just sports but also tremendous opportunities; he recently got his welding certificate in Reno.

The support of both his parents and teacher is something that has kept him going in order to accomplish his goals. 

His dad has played a big role in keeping him inspired when things got hard.

“My dad being there for me is what has inspired me the most, him being there for me from the start and even till now, If it wasn’t for my dad’s hard work and dedication I wouldn’t be the person who I am today,” said Esquivel. 

He will miss both his friends and teachers but mostly he will miss his coach and golf.

“The one valuable thing I have learned is to always try your hardest and best at whatever you do, and soon enough everything will pay off at the end,” said Esquivel.