Student-Athlete of the Issue: Anthony Guzman

Student-Athlete of the Issue: Anthony Guzman

By Danielle Scott

Anthony Guzman has become an avid basketball, football, and baseball player and in each sport, he is not only a great athlete but also a great teammate.

Guzman has been involved in football since he was in 6th grade.

“In French Ford [Middle School], I started making new friends and they all played football,” said Guzman. “I was still playing soccer but I didn’t think it sounded bad so I tried it out and it was pretty fun.”

Because of his extensive experience, Guzman has had many different expectations of him on the field. His football coach Taua Cabatbat has worked with him on varsity and had many good things to say about him.

“We expected Anthony to be a leader and role model for his teammates, we expected him to be a major contributor in all facets of the game, offense, defense, and special teams,” said Cabatbat. “Anthony did everything we expected of him and was rewarded with All-League and All-State honors.”

Football has always been a tough sport but even after undergoing constant conditioning and different challenges, Guzman continued to progress.

“Receiving those honors says a lot about Anthony and his production on the field when coaches from other schools recognize his talents and what he did for Lowry Football,” said Cabatbat.

Guzman is known to be spirited and to apply himself in sports, but he has also developed comradeship and communication skills with his teammates to help keep everyone in the game.

“I believe Anthony always possessed the skills, work ethic and desire to be a better player and teammate,” said Cabatbat. “He met all expectations and developed into a great player for us and his teammates.”

Football was Guzman’s favorite sport to play overall because of the excitement and had one of his most memorable moments.

“The game against South Tahoe, it was such a good day,” said Guzman. “Everything was going our way and everybody was happy.”

Though the season has ended for football, coaches will miss his work ethic.

“I believe that Anthony is a great choice for Athlete of the Issue and I continue to wish him all the best in his final year here at Lowry and also in his future endeavors,” said Cabatbat. 

Guzman has been playing basketball since 5th grade and has continued all through high school.

“Friends as well, I only used to probably play soccer and baseball but in 5th and 6th grade I tried other things,” said Guzman.

His fluidity when it came to trying new sports and building up skills in all of them shows Guzman’s hard-working nature.

Guzman feels like he has learned a lot from the sports he plays.

“Probably trust and how to work with other people, even if I don’t like them to get through it,” said Guzman. “Also life lessons, the downfalls, how it can be like a rocket ship, up and down throughout the whole thing.”

Guzman may have started playing basketball and football in his time in middle school, however, he has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember.

Anthony’s baseball coach Brent Riemersma has had a great time working with him, “Anthony being chosen for the athlete of the month does not surprise me,” said Riemersma. “He has always had the athletic ability.”

Guzman’s athletic ability however is not the only thing that contributes to his value on the team.

“Over the last two years, he has really figured out what it means to be a good teammate as well as the effort it takes to be the best on the field or court,” said Riemersma.

Baseball season is about to start, open gyms are already running with a good season in mind.

“I am looking forward to seeing him on the baseball field in a couple weeks when the basketball season comes to a close,” said Riemersma. “His speed on the basepaths and glovework in the outfield is a major asset for us.”

Some students are remembered by coaches for years, and just like everyone Guzman has a few attributes he hopes to be remembered for.

“Hopefully a hard worker, someone that no matter what happens I always work hard,” said Guzman.

As a senior in high school Guzman is looking for different colleges to hopefully play football at and pursue a degree. A few of the options he is considering are Knox and Feather River.

Guzman averaged 5 points per game in basketball, 5.2 rebounds per game, and 80 points scored total this season. In football, Guzman averaged 116 yards per game, 10.5 yards per carry and had a total of 5 touchdowns. In baseball, he had 10 hits last season, and 15 runs.