Student-Athlete of the Issue: Cambria Tisue 

Student-Athlete of the Issue: Cambria Tisue 

By Destiny Medicine Cloud 

Cambria Tisue is a senior at Lowry High and has shown her dedication to sports throughout her athletic career. She has played volleyball, basketball, and softball during her years at Lowry. She has always been interested in these sports and it helped her passion and love for the sport grow. 

“I have played volleyball, basketball and softball,” said Tisue. “I have always had an interest in these sports since I was little which helped me grow the love for it. I play each sport just because I have a passion for the sports and I enjoy the bonds with my teammates that come with it.”

Tisue has always been a coachable athlete. All of her coaches agree that she is very hard-working and always on top of the work she puts into the team. This year Tisue even was able to have the opportunity to lead the team to victory for a third state championship title.

“Cam is a very hard worker,” said basketball coach Chelsea Cabatbat. “She always wants to learn and will do whatever is asked of her. She is a natural athlete. After taking a year off she came back and has had a huge impact on our team helping us win the state title for a third time in a row.”

No matter what team she is on she is always trying to be a good example for her other teammates. Even if it is not her being loud, her actions say enough for the example she sets and everyone follows it. 

“Cam is the type of teammate that is going to lead by example,” said former softball coach Austin Mayo. “She isn’t a leader that is loud and boisterous but rather likes to let her play and actions speak for themselves. She is always picking her teammates up in the dugout and never takes a rep off.”

Tisue has struggled with her confidence in the three sports she has played and that has made her get into her head and overthink what she is doing. 

“I definitely have struggled with my confidence in these sports,” said Tisue. “I get very frustrated with myself easily which causes me to be in my head a lot.”

Even though Tisue thinks that she struggles with her confidence, Coach Mayo seems to disagree with that. He has seen that she holds herself to high expectations but he worked with her to help her realize that it is okay to fail sometimes. 

“Cam has always been hard on herself and expects herself to perform at a very high level,” said Mayo. “It has been the number one challenge I have seen her overcome, working on improving her game and letting herself fail at things knowing that with those failures comes that improvement that she is striving for.”

Even with the struggles she has had with confidence and getting in her head has led to many accomplishments. One of her biggest accomplishments was making it to the state championship for softball. Her making it to the state championship has pushed her and her team to want to work harder and get better. 

“I think one biggest success was last year when we made it to the state championship for softball. We went the year before to regionals and got eliminated and then came back the next year to go to state,” said Tisue. “I think it just showed how hard we worked to come back stronger and better.” 

Tisue’s junior year, the varsity volleyball team made it to regionals after working so hard to get there. They did not have the ending they wanted but even with the bumps they had they still made the accomplishment of getting it to regionals. 

“I think it just showed how hard we worked to come back stronger and better,” said Tisue. “I think a low light was last year for volleyball when we went to regionals and lost. it was a tough loss after we tried hard all season and we had a few events that had happened right before that which brought the whole team down as a whole.”