Senator Reid speaks about economy

By Ben Norfolk Posted March 16 , 2010

On March 3 Senator Harry Reid spoke on the floor of the United States Senate about the need to create jobs for Nevadans and other Americans.

“Today we learned that 36,000 Americans lost their jobs in February,” said Reid.

The projected loss for jobs was 75,000 in the month of February, about half that amount was the amount lost, and that is still way too many.

Decreasing unemployment numbers are a good economic sign, however, they need to decline a lot more.

“In the three months before the Recovery Act, three-quarters of a million Americans lost their jobs – just in those three months alone,” stated Reid.

In the last quarter of the Recovery Act, the economy grew by six percent. The number of jobs that have been lost dropped by a huge margin from 750,000 to 36,000. This is not the end of the recession but it is a major step in the right direction, according to Reid. 

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