What to Watch: ‘I Survived…’

By Savannah McDade Posted March 16, 2010

Have you ever had a near-death experience? You may have heard of people surviving plane wrecks, kidnappings, shootings, bombings, hostage situations, fires, even situations so unbelievable they could hold their own in a gruesome horror movie. Have you ever wondered how people survive the unthinkable? 

“I Survived…” is a sort of documentary show in which survivors of all types share their life-changing stories in an interview-style format minus the unnecessary dramatic portrayals, and the annoying narrator with a melodramatic tone of voice. It is simply the survivor telling the story that changed their lives forever.

“I Survived…” is chilling, surprising, inspirational, and very enticing. If you enjoy watching shows like, “America’s Most Wanted”, “I Shouldn’t be Alive”, “Cold Case Files”, and so on, then you will love “I Survived…”; it will truly overwhelm you and maybe be even scare you.

You can watch “I Survived…” on the Biography Channel, and if you would like a full schedule of air time you can visit, www.biography.com/isurvived/about.jsp

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