Varsity baseball returns to action

Varsity baseball returns to action

By Camille Lyon Posted March 18, 2010

With seven returning players, Varsity baseball is back with a fairly young team. Coach Ron Espinola has very high expectations for this year’s team in both progress and success. This year’s captains are senior David Eastman, senior Terrell Messerly, junior Anders Pace, junior Mitch Pollock, and sophomore Jace Billingsley. Each captain serves a different role to the team.

“I expect to compete hard in every game,” said Espinola.

For baseball, the goal is the same as it is every year; First, to make the playoffs; second, to win the league; third, to make it to state; and fourth, to win state. These goals are very realistic to Espinola. “We have a group of kids who are used to winning and great competitors,” said Espinola. This year’s team is composed of state wrestlers, football players, state runner-up basketball players, and other skilled athletes. All of these skills should create real success.

Espinola focuses on drilling the players during practice. He likes to call his strategy “lather, rinse, repeat” to have a goal of getting as many quality reps in to achieve perfection and have the players understand any given situation in a game.

Compared to past teams this year’s team reminds Espinola of the one and only time Lowry has won the league in baseball in 2005. The 2005 team was also very young and had a group of sophomores and only a handful of seniors.

The difference with this team is that mentally they’re better,” said Espinola, “possibly athletically as well.”

Hopefully, this year’s team can excel beyond Lowry Baseball’s past years. This year’s players are seniors Josh Ashby, David Eastman, Evan Jacobsen, Terrell Messerly, Ben Norfolk, juniors Alejo Alarcon, Dusty Kraft, Anders Pace, Mitch Pollock, Josh Yost, sophomores Jace Billingsley, Gus Duncan, Bryan Noble, and freshmen Jesse Studebaker.

2010 Team Roster

Alarcon Alejo
Billingsley, Jace
Chojnacki, Anthony
Duncan, Gus
Jacobsen, Evan
Kraft, Dusty
Messerly, Terrell
Noble, Bryan
Norfolk, Ben
Pace, Anders
Pollock, Mitch
Studebaker, Jesse
Yost, Josh

Esquivel , Marc, Manager

Espinola Ron
Formby Mike
Goodale Shane
Martinez Benny

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