Should there be more choices for elective classes?

By Alyssa Campbell Posted April 21, 2014

Every year the amount of elective classes students get to choose from seems to decrease. It is not fair for the school to limit our options as students, we should have many more choices for electives than the ones that we are given.

Our elective classes provide a way for us to have a more enjoyable class schedule and it is hard to do that when we have very few choices. We get stuck with a class that we really do not actually want and would much rather have the option to do something else. It is also especially hard for incoming freshmen to get use to and become comfortable with the idea of high school when they do not have any classes that they would actually enjoy.

I understand that high school cannot just be all fun and games, but it still should not be all boring either; especially if you really want all of your students to succeed.  For example, we could have the option to take life management, speech, debate, or cinematography. There could even be the possibility of getting to take an extra class for a more academically-minded child. These are just some ideas, but there are endless possibilities for more electives.

The point is that we should not be limited as students of our options and we need classes to help prepare us for what we want in our future careers.