Snow makes Lowry unsafe

Snow makes Lowry unsafe

By Taylor LaTray Posted January 18, 2013

The only event Lowry seems to have going on currently is an endless snowstorm. I’m no weather man, but, it’s quite obvious that our campus is covered in snow and has been for just about a month now.

The way Lowry’s campus is built you must walk on multiple sets of stairs and ramps to get around and between the buildings. It is quite difficult to get around the buildings when the snow has not been removed. By just looking at the paths it does not appear that most of the snow is even shoveled, only packed down.

In some areas you can tell that something has been put on the snow to decrease slipping but it appears to have been there for awhile. Humboldt County School District is unable to predict and control the outcomes of the weather. However, they are able to maintain the pathways for the safety of students, staff, and even visitors. They can put an effort into shoveling the snow and applying more of the chemical they use to melt the snow so that students have better traction.

According to an anonymous staff member, Lowry is currently out of the salt used to add traction, the staff member also included that this particular salt used in the past does not actually work in the current weather because the snow would have to be melting. “I have heard and seen multiple accounts of people slipping. We need to do something to make the halls and the paths outside safer to be sure we can avoid slipping, even sand would work.”

The sidewalks and other snowy areas on campus need to be better maintained for the safety of students.