Somebody had to say it

Somebody had to say it

By Taylor LaTray Posted February 15, 2012

We live our lives believing what we’re told, not diving into the deeper depths of the facts. Here are the facts, everything we think is wrong, and somebody had to say it.

If you’re one of those people who literally have voices fighting in your head, you’re not alone, the majority of psychopaths do. Don’t take it too seriously or anything; there is therapy for things like that. We don’t judge you, we’re just afraid of you, but somebody had to say it.

There are plenty of different kinds of people, tall people, short people, tan people, dumb people, etc. Let’s focus on all of them. Most people have a pretty proportional body and they will make clothes for all sizes. It does not take a lot to wear clothes your own size. Men; your shirts are not meant to skim the top of your pants; we don’t want an occasional belly pop. Ladies; pants go over your rear end for a reason, your shirt is not meant to be stretched to cover that area. Some may enjoy these traits very much. In fact, I love belly shirts they just strike my fancy. However, your better off avoiding them. Sorry, but somebody had to say it.

Facebook, the time-sucking, addicting, networking drug that we all love and hate. It was created to give all of us updates on each other so we can gossip more and be less productive. Facebook was not made so you can post a new picture of yourself every day, confess to the world about what you think of each other, or tell all of your problems. But the people these days are uncontrollable, we do what we want and although you may complain about these non-stop posts, you love it. We all do, it’s just a fact. But, occasionally you can try other methods of confession, that’s what texting was made for, or better yet say it in person, and we already know what you look like, or so we think… Oh, and somebody had to say it.

“When people vent their problems, continuously on Facebook, everyone gets irritated, and I just unfriend them plain and simple. I have my own problems, I don’t want to hear yours, try confronting Dr.Phil,” said Alex Nimmick.

Everyone has had those great conversations that you will create memories from for the rest of your life. Those conversations don’t come from dumb stories and conversations, you have to think before you speak. If you constantly find yourself talking yet no one is listening and you’re being ignored, it’s because you’re not funny. Stop talking, we don’t just accidentally stop listening to you, it’s annoying. A funny joke app or something could probably help you with that. As Charmin toilet paper says, less is more. At least somebody said it.

We are no longer in kindergarten. So it’s time that even if we’re immature it needs to be in a mature way. If you like a girl, don’t tease her and tackle her around like you don’t know any better, you won’t get anywhere with that. Ladies, don’t be so shy either, when you mature, he’ll mature. Or at least don’t make this horsing around. But basically, love is overrated, the best solution is not to have feelings, everybody just stop dating. Don’t be part of this increasing divorce rate. I don’t mean to push anybody’s buttons, but somebody had to say it.

“Immature flirters annoy me, punching isn’t cute. I am very anti-relationship because I hate leeches, I’d like to have fun and not worry what my boyfriend is complaining about,” said Cortni Welch.

The definition of a creeper is someone who silently stalks you, and stays under the radar. If you’re one of those people who stare at somebody when they’re not watching, come on bro, get a life. You are a creeper, find a fellow creeper to stare at. Somebody, really had to say that.

Now that we know the truth about all, I hope everyone knows how to take a joke. Don’t be a party pooper.

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