The television shows I watch and others should too

By Camille Lyon Posted January 30, 2010

Throughout my busy life, I enjoy relaxing and focusing on drama other than my own. I watch television in my sparse spare time. I enjoy Food Network whenever I randomly turn on the TV or I watch my scheduled shows on Sunday and Thursday nights.

“Brothers and Sisters” and “Private Practice” on ABC are by far my favorite television shows. The show “Brothers and Sisters” involves a close family where all of the siblings are grown, married, and successful. They are deeply involved in politics and are on the wealthier side of society. I enjoy it for the deeply relatable drama, and it is highly entertaining.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off, “Private Practice”, is by far my favorite drama on television. This show involves a group of friends that open up a medical practice together. The storyline is always entertaining and very original. Compared to “Grey’s Anatomy,” it is a little bit more personal.

Besides these two dramas, I usually watch So You Think You Can Dance, Barefoot Contessa, or an occasional NCIS. Television time is enjoyable time for yourself, and I recommend these shows.

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