The traditional way

The traditional way

By Kiley Dayton Posted: December 16, 2020

Hunting is a time of year where you have a couple of weeks through the year to get your kill. It’s every man or female for themself, then you’re done for that season.

Hunting isn’t all about Getting your kill, It’s also about making memories and getting to explore.  “I love hunting, not for the kill, it’s honestly for the exploring and the finding of all the animals out there,” said Brenton Baker. “Seeing that deer through that sight is one of my favorite things.” Getting that rush when your kill is right there but you just gotta wait till it’s in the clear.”  

Not all hunting is exciting, like when you are hiding behind a tree downwind from a bull elk.

“Scariest encounter would be up next to Jarbidge in 071 [ a hunting area ] I was hidden above a small herd of cow elk and one bull elk.” Baker stated. “It was scary I couldn’t tell if he was gonna run at us or turn around and run the other way.”

Hunting is a thrilling game of what if. You’re surrounded by the woods and can be miles away from any human life. but this can also be relaxing yet thrilling.

Dyllan Brown posing next his kill./Courtesy • Dyllan Brown

Baker started hunting around 6th grade, so around the age of 12.

“When you kill your first big game, that’s when the kill is over,” said Baker. “Now you look forward to the smell of jerky or summer sausage in the side-by-side.”

Dyllan started hunting when he was five. When hunting it can be thrilling but it can also be soothing.

“I feel relieved and very excited about putting the food on the table and making it enjoyable for me,” said Dyllan Brown. Every Hunter has a time in their life when they start hunting rather that be the age of 8 or 13, Dyllan started hunting when he was five.

All hunters have a reason for liking this sport, may it be the memories of getting to explore, either way, you get to see stunning views, wild animals, and, so much more.  

“The best part about it is being outdoors and experiencing different places and just being out with friends and family, making it great… The gutting is the worst part for me,” said Brown. “Everything has it’s up and down I guess gutting is the not so fun part for Dyllan.  

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