Track to feature strong performers in all areas

Track to feature strong performers in all areas

By Olivia Espinola Posted March 4, 2022

The upcoming track season is going to be exciting.

Coach Byron Jeppsen is ready for the season to start. The coaches are working together to help the new coming and to see the returning athletes that have been there before.

“We have a great group of coaches and returning athletes and I’m excited about the potential they have,” said coach Jeppsen.

A couple of returning athletes are also excited about the upcoming season.

“I feel good about the upcoming year, I think the season will go well,” said Shaun Gilliland. 

Some people who did track when covid first hit, shortened their season and can now have a normal season.

“I’m very excited about the upcoming year. I think it will be very exciting to have a “normal” track season for the first time since my freshman year,” said Jovi Kuskie.

There’s always something people can work on to improve and for Pole Vault it can be height and for others who practice it, like Shaun Gilliland.

“I think the season will go good, I want to improve on the height I am getting,” said Shaun.

The athletes always work to make themselves better at what they do. They work very hard to become stronger.

“I’m always starving to become stronger and set personal records and just try to be a little bit better than I was the day before,” said Jovi.

There are many different things that can be good about track and many other people have different reasons. 

“I love the freedom we have when it comes to choosing what events we do,” said Shaun.

“My favorite part about track is just being able to go out everyday Saturday and being able to compete and see all the work you’ve done in practice pay off at a meet,” said Kuskie.

The team will get on the track for the first time on March 12 and will host a meet on May 7.