What to Watch: ‘Friends’

What to Watch: ‘Friends’

By Rylee Mathis  Posted October 30, 2012

“Friends” is a TV show about six young adults, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel, who live in New York, spend most of their time in a coffee shop and are the very best of friends. Three of them went to high school together and they met Chandler in college. They met the other two when they moved to Manhattan.

The characters all have their own quirky qualities that make for some hilarious moments and episodes. The humor on the show is friendly to most ages, partly because the innuendos are well hidden in the dialogue and they move so fast through topics you’ll just forget about it if you don’t understand.

The situations poke fun at all of the cast’s personalities, but also teach valuable lessons as well. The lessons aren’t as obvious as the ones on shows like ‘Full House’ but they’re easily understandable.

The series takes you through the lives of these six people as they struggle with every day, young-adult problems like divorce, having children, relationships and dating, marriage, growing up, changing, getting fired/finding jobs, etc. The show can apply to anyone’s life which is why it’s such a great show to watch.

“Friends” airs every night on Nick @ Night as well as TBS in the afternoons.