What’s entertaining us

By Otilia Castaneda, Ariana Perez, Araceli Galarza Posted: March 20, 2020

As the years change so does what’s keeping people entertained, from movies to social media to games the world is changing and so is entertainment. 

“My Girl”
By Araceli Galarza
The movie “My Girl” is sad and perfect for when you need an excuse to cry, Or when you’re having a mental breakdown and your mom walks in and you need an excuse as to why you’re crying. A complete classic and for a reason. Poor little Vada has quite a morbid life, her mother died giving birth to her and her father runs a funeral home. Constantly ridiculed by her classmates the only friend she has is a young boy named Thomas, a cute coming-of-age story with a sad ending. One hint “he can’t see without his glasses”. When you feel like nothing can make you cry, watch this on Amazon Prime.

Tik Tok 
By Otila Castdenada
Over 500 million users worldwide use TikTok. This social media platform is mainly used by teenagers. The most popular accounts are by teenagers like Charlie D’amelio, Loren Gray, and Addison Rae. Most of the videos that are made include dancing, lip-syncing, or doing something to get attention, therefore getting more likes or more followers. The videos have a wide variety of content including dancing, comedy, and mainly anything that is interesting or the current trend. The app is considered entertaining for what it posts. The videos have a wide variety of content including dancing, comedy, mainly anything that is interesting, or the current “trend”. 

By Ariana Prez
“Minecraft” is the number one game in the world with over 450 million users playing the game today, This Video game is one that many ages enjoy playing. Many popular creators make a living out of playing this game which some people find entertaining to watch. This game is very entertaining to play because the game allows people to have a variety of options whether they want to play in “Creative” or in “Survival” and to choose the texture pack they want to use, play with friends, travel to many dimensions, and building whatever you want like a Castle or even a town. “Minecraft” also allows you to play fun minigames with other players so the game has many varieties of what to do. 

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