Which decade of music would make the best comeback?

Which decade of music would make the best comeback?

By Jovi Anderson Posted March 10, 2023

Music is a very important part of many people’s lives. It can unite people, be there for you in ways friends and family can’t, and so much more.

Personally, I believe that 40-50s music would make the best comeback. It is the origin of many types of music such as swing, big band, jazz, Latin, rock and roll, doo-wop, pop, swing, rhythm and blues, blues, country music, rockabilly, and jazz. It was a time when music was being explored more and when many diverse genres came to be.

But, music has changed throughout the years, whether for better or worse. This led me to the question: If a decade of music made a comeback, which would be the strongest or most popular? In order to answer this question, a couple of people were asked what they thought.

There are many different genres of music, which causes everyone to have different preferences.
Isabel Upton likes the 90s because of the popular music.

“It was one of the last eras when music was actually good and creative,” said Upton. “Now there are lots of repetitive and meaningless songs.”

Music can remind people of joyful moments in their lives or of people they love, too. It can relate one person to another and create a bond between them. Music can help people feel closer together no matter how far apart they are.

“​80’s because it reminds me of my dad,” said Clementine Garreau, an exchange student from France.
For me, 40s country played a big part in connecting with my great-grandpa and continues to remind me of him. 50s blues and jazz is also a big part of my childhood and is a very sentimental and nostalgic thing for me and my sister.

Music can be appreciated based on sentimental values, such as remembering family or the nostalgia you feel when you hear something that reminds you of your childhood.

“I think the 90s because that’s what I grew up listening to,” said Georgia White.

Although music can have positive impacts on people’s lives, that doesn’t mean that people don’t dislike some of the earlier or the newer music.

According to Pretishma Subedi the message in music has changed over time.

“I like ​80’s or 90’s romance because they sing about love not just sleeping with people the way music today does,” said Subedi.

Overall, music is a way to bring people together, remind those of joyful moments in their lives, and is capable of meaning so much to someone. Music can be a way for those to express themselves or relieve strong emotions, and it can be there for you and understand you in ways you might feel other people can’t. Music is a significant part of society, whether that means older or newer songs.