Performer of the Issue: Consilia Brown

Performer of the Issue: Consilia Brown

By Zayra Villa and Juliana Blatzheim Posted March 10, 2023

Consilia Brown has been chosen as Performer of the Issue by Mr. David Munk, the band and choir teacher. Brown is a senior and has been doing percussion in the Lowry band all four years. Percussion includes instruments such as drums, xylophones, keyboards, marimba, and cymbals.

Brown’s inspiration for music comes from her early experience with music through her mother, a belly dancer. The music that is used in these dances is percussion driven, and as she was surrounded by percussion instruments brought by a family friend, the music grew into Brown’s life. Additionally, Brown enjoys jazz and rock, which has also inspired her passion for percussion.

Throughout Brown’s four years in the band, she has been a part of lots of different band activities.

“I’ve been involved in pep band since sophomore year,” said Brown. “Then we also do like concerts. We’ve done many band trips such as honor band and state.”

As it is Brown’s last year in the band, there are certain things to be missed.

“I’m definitely gonna miss the memories and like my friends and all of that because I’ve met like really amazing people through it,” said Brown. “But I also really like performing itself, it’s kind of like an adrenaline rush.”

Although Brown tends to be reserved, performing music with her friends has been a way for her to express herself.

“You’re performing something so it’s kind of coming out of you, you know?” said Brown. “And there are people that I know personally so I’m more comfortable performing with them so I’m more able to like put myself out more in that sense.”

Brown is interested in a career in music, but that could be difficult to accomplish.

“I’ve thought about doing it for schooling but it’s just really expensive so I’ll probably have to wait a few years but I was thinking about maybe teaching it, like drumming for little kids or something as a side thing,” said Brown. 

Other than music, Brown is interested in traditional art, gardening, cooking, fashion, and fitness. With so many interests, she finds it difficult to pick a career and wishes she had figured it out sooner. 

“It’s always been like hard for me to figure out because I have too many interests, so it’s hard for me to like to pinpoint a certain thing that I wanna really focus on,” said Brown. 

Although Brown is not set on a career, music will certainly continue to play a role in her life, as she has done band for so many years. Throughout her four years at Lowry, Brown has had three different band teachers, which has been a bit of an adjustment.

“It’s kind of hard to like adapt to that and to learn like how they want us to play because every teacher is different you know?” said Brown. “A lot of them like didn’t like each other’s styles either so it was hard to get out of like old ways of doing things to their ways so that part of it was hard.”

Brown has had Mr. David Munk for her junior and senior years, which has allowed her to really expand and grow into his style further.

Mr. David Munk chose Consilia Brown as the Performer of the Issue because she is a senior and soon will graduate. Consilia has always been dedicated in this class, made the best out of everything, and enjoyed the band.

“She’s always been there, she’s always been steady, sets a good example, works hard, and has done a good job,” said Munk.

Music clearly plays a big role in Brown’s life, and her drive and talent in percussion have made her an obvious choice for performer of the issue.

Brown performing at a pep assembly. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Brown performing at a pep assembly. /Ron Espinola • The Brand