Who are the true gamers?

By Tanner Ames Posted May 5, 2014

Many kids claim to be gamers because they play “Grand Theft Auto” or “Call of Duty”; however, these guys aren’t even half of what true gamers are. True gamers are those who have shelves of video games, old and new.

If you watch “The Angry Videogame Nerd” on YouTube, you will experience every gamer’s dream, seeing just about every video game and console, just in the introduction. I’m not a fan of his videos, but just to look at the archives of old games, is an amazing experience.  It seems nerdy, but it’s entirely true.

True gamers, don’t mind talking about “The Legend of Zelda” or “Halo” they acknowledge that they are somewhat nerdy, but they love being that way.
If you think you are a true video gamer, the list below is of everything I think that a gamer should accomplish:

They should be able to beat at least one “Zelda” game without walkthroughs.

Gamers should know the name, of each character in their favorite game, or at least the main characters.

They should have at least two or three game consoles, old or new, with games for each.

They should play games with whoever they can.

Gamers should treat their system with respect.

They should love cartridge systems. Such as the Game Boy, Atari, Nintendo 64, NES, etc.

If you think that you’re a gamer, you should qualify for most of these requirements.