Why you should wear a watch

By Tanner Lecumberry Posted February 6, 2014

With today’s technology, there are digital clocks everywhere. Your computer, your phone, your alarm clock, and even your car probably all have digital clocks. If you’ve spent an excessive amount of time staring at the old-school analog clocks (which are usually wrong) trying to figure out what it says, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The solution to your worst fears is to simply wear a watch.

Watches are great. First off, wearing a watch will prevent you from always looking at your phone, hitting buttons on accident, and getting your phone taken away in class. Also, they make you look classy. I’m sure the most interesting man in the world wears a watch, and he’s pretty darn classy. Mostly though, you’ll be able to read a clock and tell what time it is in the blink of an eye. It’s amazing, really.

Some would say watches are out of style, and not useful. To them, digital clocks are all the rage and you should depend on electricity to tell you the time without any effort. What, then, happens when the electricity goes out? Watch batteries are fairly reliable, and they are independent of the power system which isn’t as reliable as people claim. How many power bumps have you had in the last month? More than you care to admit. Wear a watch, and you’ll never have to wander outside and stare at the sun in a desperate attempt to know the time because you have a hot date and your power has failed you.

Next time you have an extra thirty bucks, don’t waste it on menial things that won’t make your life better. Invest in a watch. Invest in your future.