Which shoes to wear

By Dani Ricker Posted February 3, 2014

There are so many different types of shoes. There are tennis shoes, sandals, open-toed, closed-toed, high heels, high tops, low tops, and of course boots.

Picking shoes can be hard. So just follow these simple rules; if you’re feeling high tops you definitely need to go with a good ol’ pair of Converse. 
If you’re more in a low-top mood get yourself a pair of Vans. Never get high-top Vans. Just don’t.

Feeling empowered? Go for them high heels, but if you’re wearing them to school there is absolutely no need to go with a pair of 6 inches.
You can never go wrong with a cute pair of boots. Boots go with pretty much anything.

And if you’re just not feeling shoes you can never go wrong with a simple pair of slip-ons. They’re light and comfortable, no worries there.
There. Now you know what shoes to where and when to wear them. You’re welcome.