Will digital days be hard to pass?

Will digital days be hard to pass?

By Kiley Dayton Posted: October 7, 2020

Many students have been saying it is hard to complete school work on the digitals days and they don’t have the motivation to for it. So will they be able to pass?

“It’s hard to give students adequate work when teachers only see them two days per week,” science teacher Mrs. Michele Doyle stated. “It is also hard to get students to understand that the work we give them is not homework, but school work that they do at home on their distance learning days.” 

Some students agree with her statement that it’s hard to find the motivation to do work on digital days. They even say that it’s complicated to do the work, or that they don’t understand it. 

“Oh, my digital days suck, I’ve been struggling with my digital days,” student Tristyn Lizanez said, “I hope we don’t have to go to all online because that would suck for most students who don’t like the online work.”

These digital days are going to be hard to deal with especially for the kids who have been here longer, they know what a normal year is like, with dances, games, and fun activities. Seniors, sophomores and juniors, are more affected by this because it’s a new way of school, unlike freshmen, this is their first year of school. 

Mrs. Michele Doyle./Courtesy • Winnada
Mrs. Michele Doyle./Courtesy • Winnada

All students work differently but having a teacher there to help and tell you what to work on is nice to have. Having the two days though is much safer than having everyone at school in contact with each other for the full five days.

“I don’t mind them, but I do feel it’s easier having a teacher there,” Pandora Bergstrom said. “It is nice because I get to work at my own pace, unlike a classroom.”

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