Mrs. Santos announces Adrian Wirthlin as English Student of the Week

Mrs. Santos announces Adrian Wirthlin as English Student of the Week

By Alexis Galarza Posted: October 8, 2020

Mrs. Miranda Santos named Adrian Wirthlin as the Student of the Week for the English department. While Santos had many kind things to say about Wirthlin, his willingness to participate stands out the most.

“He gets many people involved in class discussions which shows his personal enthusiasm for his education and learning,” Santos said. 

Wirthlin not only brings enthusiasm to class but continues to create an atmosphere in which kids are more inclined to learn. 

“He has done a fantastic job of participating and leading class discussions,” said Santos. “His excitement, willingness to share and the way he treats others is extremely admirable…I have seen him go out of his way to include and make his classmates feel involved and cared for. He comes to class each day with an eagerness to learn. His excitement for the material is contagious and draws many people into the current lesson at hand.”

Adrian enjoys a challenge. Although transitioning was hard for other students, Adrian didn’t seem to have a difficult time. He has done well with the split days. His appreciation for challenges advances further into specific subjects.  

“The new format of the school has its challenges but I am doing great with it,” said Wirthlin. “My favorite subject is math because it challenges me.”

Outside of school, Adrian takes advantage of having two off days and likes to play basketball with the extra time digital days provide. 

“How I spend my free time is practicing basketball and playing video games with my dad and my brother,” said Wirthlin. 

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