Blue and Gold or Blue vs Gold

Blue and Gold or Blue vs Gold

By Hadley Hatch Posted: September 23, 2020

Blue and Gold used to be the colors that brought our school together, can it also be what tears our school apart? Teachers and students have very different opinions on the subject.

“I feel that the student body is somewhat separated physically, but I also think that it is a way to bring us together and maybe because we don’t have classes with our friends or we’re not on the same day as our friends, that gives us an opportunity to make new friend,” said Mrs. Kelly Bales.

Other teachers agree with her statement, that looking at the positives in such a negative time can bring experiences and opportunities that we might have never had. Although some students would have to disagree.

“I definitely miss the events that we had, the pep assemblies, and sports, those were always just so fun to attend and to show your school spirit,” said Katelin Noyes.

Students definitely struggle without outlets to get excited about. This especially applies to the students who have been here the longest, the seniors. Seniors had a rough time coming back to school, knowing what it is like having the most experience with what  a “normal” school year looks like.“It was kinda actually more saddening,  just because we only went like two days out of the week and senior year just seemed kinda like a little sad, just slow compared to like previous years and experiencing that,” said Jeremy Walker.

He’s not the only senior who feels this way, senior Mason Plemons shares a similar opinion.

“Spending overall time in the classroom that for me at least, that’s a  hindrance, because I like to be right in the classroom,” said Plemons.

Mrs. Kelly Bales./Courtesy • Winnada
Mrs. Kelly Bales./Courtesy • Winnada

That’s the same for most students and teachers, it’s hard for a teacher to teach when we are so limited in our time in the classroom. Even students struggle with this, as the year goes on, we will see if students’ grades improve or decrease. Some students even think that this might affect their ACT scores.

Although everyone seems to have a different opinion on the subject, one thing everyone has in common, our goal of a better future, our hopes of a better world and our dreams of graduating together as blue and gold, as a Buckaroo, and as Lowry.

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