Career Profile: Business Owner: Jose Covarrubias

Career Profile: Business Owner: Jose Covarrubias

By Emily Valdez Posted March 4, 2022

It’s a student favorite here at Lowry for its close distance and delicious foods. El Panal Carnicería is a local bodega owned by Jose Covarrubias.

El Panal Carnicería focuses on homemade Hispanic cuisine, snacks, and drinks. Covarrubias opened his business here in Winnemucca for a chance at success.

“I thought that Winnemucca would be a good place to open a business and succeed,’’ said Covarrubias.
Covarrubias can be seen all over his shop doing work, he dabbles with a little bit of everything. From cooking to managing the cash register.

“I do butchering, baking, and that’s pretty much it,” said Covarrubias. “The rest of it is fixing things around, buy[ing] and sell[ing], and we cook also, a little bit of everything.”

Jose Covarrubias holds out a helping hand out to a customer./ Emily Valdez • The Brand
Jose Covarrubias holds out a helping hand out to a customer./ Emily Valdez • The Brand

The customers love coming to El Panal for its various products and customer service.

“Me gusta ir a El Panal Carniceria por qué los precios son muy accesibles, puedo encontrar productos que en otros lugares no encuentro,” dijo Josefita Rios Reyes. “Tiene varios productos mexicanos y a nosotros nos gusta consumirlos, también la gente es muy amable, atienden muy bien.”

“I like to go to El Panal Carniceria because the prices are accessible, I can find products that I can’t find in other places,” said Josefita Rios Reyes, a long-time customer of El Panal. “They have various Mexican products and we like to consume them, as well as the people are very kind, they attend very well.”

Owning a business comes with plenty of responsibilities, Covarrubias does a lot to keep his business running and customers happy. His favorite part about his job is getting to go home to rest at the end of the day and his least favorite part is having to come in seven days a week.

According to ZipRecruiter, on a yearly average, a small business owner makes fifty thousand to sixty thousand dollars in Nevada. It’s a career with a lot of variety and flexibility.