Do people spend too much time on their cell phones?

By Alyssa Campbell Posted May 27, 2014

Half the teens around the country are obsessed with their cell phones. From texting to social media, there’s not even a need for face-to-face contact anymore.

Teens and many adults all seem to revolve their lives around their phones. Phones make it easier for people to hide and gossip or tell people the things that they are too afraid to say in person. Many times people neglect to pay attention to things that matter in their lives, but give full attention to their phones instead. They put all of their information on social media and text all the people in their lives instead of actually talking to them. You can probably see the issues this causes such as creating problems from miscommunication that weren’t there in the first place. On social media, people tend to start fights without knowing the full story which starts the miscommunication and confusion. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a good Twitter fight just as much as anyone, but those fights are completely useless and ridiculous.

There is a point where you have to make sure that you don’t put your cell phone ahead of the things that actually matter like actually spending time with your friends and family and you shouldn’t get caught up in the Internet drama. Don’t forget that it’s okay to put your cell phone down from time to time, and just talk to people in person.