Hunting: More than a pastime for some Lowry students

Hunting: More than a pastime for some Lowry students

By Savannah McDade Posted December 16, 2009

Hunting is and always has been a big part of our country. Once essential for survival, it is now more of a hobby, a popular hobby in rural Nevada. Senior Tyler Anderson claims that “a bad day hunting is better than a good day at work.” Some people don’t understand what makes hunting so appealing yet it is a key hobby for many.

What I enjoy most about hunting is being outdoors, especially being in the mountains. For me, it is an exceptionally tranquil experience. I love hiking, and contrary to popular belief, hunting is very physically demanding. While I favor the serene aspect of hunting, it is in fact a sport and like any sport, it is aggressive and competitive. The meat is also much better for you than the meat you buy from a grocery store because there aren’t any artificial additives.

Colby Sampson. /Courtesy • Winnada
Colby Sampson. /Courtesy • Winnada

Many students at Lowry spend a lot of time and money on hunting. Junior Colby Sampson says that he usually goes hunting almost every weekend in November.

“It’s a lifestyle that I grew up with,” Sampson said before recalling a particularly humorous turkey hunting trip in which he fell into a creek (planted in the mud, gun and all) two times within twenty minutes.

The common stereotype is that only guys go hunting but there are many girls at Lowry who go hunting as well. Junior Kylee Meckley says that her family spends a lot of time hunting.

“We go a lot, at least one week out of every month and we usually stay up there for 3 or 4 days, it’s always been a big get together for us [family],” said Meckley, “it’s always good to get out in the wilderness.”

It is obvious that hunting has become a tradition; it’s also a bonding experience. Junior Brian Tyree who goes hunting frequently says that the thing he likes most about hunting is being outdoors with his family and his advice for people who have never been hunting and don’t understand it is to not judge hunting until you’ve tried it at least once.

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