Lowry hosts regional leadership conference

Lowry hosts regional leadership conference

By Esmeralda Aguilar and Camille Lyon Posted December 17, 2008

The Lowry Leadership class hosted the Northern Regional Conference on Monday, November 24. The conference, which included delegates from all over northern Nevada, consisted of a general session with guest speakers, workshops, and many other activities of which the leadership students from all around northern Nevada came to attend.

The general session began as Northern Region Representative, senior Esmeralda Aguilar, welcomed the attending schools and introduced the executive board of the Nevada Association of Student Councils (NASC).

Max Dugan, the NASC state president, then introduced the state conference co-chairs. The State conference co-chairs, from Reed High School, gave a presentation on the upcoming leadership state conference.

Ken and KD Johnson speaking to the delegates./Camille Lyon • The Brand
Ken and KD Johnson speaking to the delegates./Camille Lyon • The Brand

Guest speaker Ken Johnson gave a motivational speech and introduced his son Kendall (KD) Johnson who, aside from being a motivational speaker, is also a musical artist. The father and son duo presented a speech about how kids should not stay “Stuck on stupid”, but “Be eagles, not chickens.”

The leadership students attended skill-building workshops presented by Herff Jones representative, Sloane Kahuhu, and Ken and KD Johnson. After the morning sessions, the delegates gathered for lunch before continuing the conference in the afternoon with more workshops.

Three Lowry students presented one workshop. Camille Lyon, Jordan Sloan, and Mary Granath presented a workshop on event coordination.

The conference finally concluded at the end of the small workshops. Delegates were instructed to take their things and head to their busses after the exciting workshops.

Keisha Stewart, Lund Student Body President said, “The conference was so great! I had so much fun.”

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