Lowry Leadership: The driving force of the school

Lowry Leadership: The driving force of the school

By Camille Lyon Posted December 16, 2009

Many may not know who the students behind many of Lowry’s cherished activities are, but they should be respectively recognized. The Lowry leadership class consists of all of the class officers, student body officers, and many class representatives who take part in representing Lowry high school.

The leadership student government class does more than just lead Lowry; they are active members in the community. The leadership students are the ones who make the charming posters around the school, they fill the water machines, they recognize students and teachers monthly, and they plan the spirit weeks that consist of pep assemblies, dances, and dress-up days.

Within the community, the leadership class is known to be volunteering their time at many local functions. An active leadership student must complete up to five hours of community service each quarter. In one school year, a leadership student performs a total of 20 hours of community service. They can be found at many charity events, local fairs, or any other event that requires volunteers.

In order to earn some of their leadership skills, they attend workshops at regional conferences. Many of these workshops help to improve communication skills, or they provide ideas for future school functions. In order to be in leadership, you must maintain a required GPA and prove to be productive.

Leadership students doing their work. /Camille Lyon • The Brand
Leadership students doing their work. /Camille Lyon • The Brand

On top of everything Lowry leadership does, they also provide The Brand with a monthly article about the activity that goes on within leadership. Currently, the Leadership class is working on the food drive. The ministerial association relies heavily on Lowry for a majority of its donations and the leadership class organizes the donation.

“It’s definitely not as easy as people think it is,” said senior class officer Brad Pearce, “we do a lot of stuff behind the scenes.”

Leadership takes up a lot of time. Pearce is currently spending at least two hours a night working on a current project for the elementary students.

Leadership ultimately strives at achieving spirit at Lowry. They do their hardest to make every function fun for students.

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