Lowry welcomes five new staff members

Lowry welcomes five new staff members

By Brittany Nielsen Posted October 14, 2009

Lowry has four new teachers, Mrs. Miranda Santos, Mr. Corey Coles, Mr. Brian Nickisch, and one returning teacher, Mrs. Heather Morgan who taught Human Growth and Development but is now teaching Health and P.E.

Freshmen and sophomores might know Santos for teaching at the Junior High. She graduated from Lowry and now that she is working with some of the teachers that taught her, she said, “It’s a little different, but it’s nice to see familiar faces within the teachers and the students.”

This is Coles’ first year of teaching, he moved here from Idaho.

“There are not as many trees, a lot bigger mountains and a lot more community support than other places,” said Coles in response to Winnemucca.

Lowry is his first teaching job.

“It’s been really good, I have a lot of good kids, my classes have almost doubled since school has begun, it’s going really well just trying to get adjusted,” Coles said.

Nickisch had lived in South Carolina last year, moved to Montana for a year, and when he heard there was a job at Lowry he moved to Winnemucca. He grew up in a town of 2,000. Nickisch has been teaching for two years and has just taught chemistry.

Morgan has been teaching for fifteen years, throughout those fifteen years she has been teaching Human Growth and Development and now this year we have her teaching Health and P.E. The new staff members have come from all parts of the states and we are all glad to have them as part of the Lowry High community.

Mendiola graduated from Lowry and is returns to her alma mater after attending UNR and then teaching for a year at Grass Valley Elementary School.

She will teach in the Special Education department and team-teach in the Science Department while also teaching Adaptive PE. Mendiola will also coach for girl’s basketball.

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