Moapa spoils Lowry’s season once again

By Justin Albright Posted November 18, 2011

On November 12, The Bucks traveled down to Moapa Valley for the second round of the playoffs. Moapa spoiled Lowry’s season last year in the playoffs and revenge was on the Buckaroos’ mind.

However, the Bucks couldn’t get revenge as Moapa beat Lowry 19-6.

Senior, Bryan Noble said, “We just had too many letdowns as a team.”

The weather also played a major factor as it’s a lot hotter in Moapa than in Winnemucca.

“The heat was a factor because we were getting tired a lot quicker,” Noble said, “A lot of guys on the team were getting cramps.”

Moapa also was very prepared as they had film of Lowry’s first-round win over Spring Creek. Lowry had multiple game films of Moapa, but it proved to not help them in the game.

“We had about three games of film to watch but it just wasn’t the same,” said Noble.

Lowry ended the season at 9-3 and will return the majority of its team for next year, giving them a high chance of having another successful season and a shot at a state championship again.

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