Mrs. Pasquale, Lowry’s Staff Member of the Month for January

Mrs. Pasquale, Lowry’s Staff Member of the Month for January

By Cassandra Thomson Posted January 2005

Mrs. Michelle Pasquale, who has just graduated from the Junior High and is now in her first year of teaching at Lowry High, was chosen to be the staff Member of the Month for January 2005.

Mrs. Pasquale was nominated for her dedication to Lowry, her ability to communicate with students, and her willingness to participate in any activity. When asked what her superlative was she answered, “Most likely to be seen spinning brodies in the parking lot.”

She also shared her favorite quote from the movie Sister Act II, “If you want to be somebody, if you want to get somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.”

Finally, Mrs. Pasquale talks about her most memorable teaching experience.

“My most memorable teaching experience is a difficult thing to isolate because there have been so very many. The excitement of students when they finally “get it” in science is the best reward of all for me as a teacher. However, science is very busy and unexpected things happen all the time. My most memorable, unexpected event was when a student started the lab on fire during a carbon dating experiment, not once, not twice, but three times! How could a teacher ever forget that? I’m sure that the student won’t forget either.”

Mrs. Pasquale’s positive attitude and hard-working personality makes her a perfect candidate for Staff Member of the Month. There is also a bulletin board dedicated to Mrs. Pasquale in one of the halls in Lowry, down from the office.

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