Student Profile: Freddy Bernabe

Student Profile: Freddy Bernabe

By Jayna Hill Posted April 23, 2009

Freddy Bernabe is one of many seniors here at Lowry High School. Bernabe has attended Lowry for three years and is finishing his fourth. Out of Bernabe’s four classes, Physics would have to be his favorite even though he is not fond of any of them. Mr. Setzer is Bernabe’s overall favorite teacher at Lowry.

Over the summer Bernabe was employed at Bosch Motors, he liked it because it was “tons of fun.” His hobbies are “basketball and women” Bernabe is currently a member of the varsity basketball team. Playing basketball is one of his greatest achievements.

Bernabe’s most prized possession is his cell phone. “I need to have my connections to my peeps,” said Bernabe. He also couldn’t go without his iPod. Bernabe is very passionate about his music “It gets me through every single day” said Bernabe. He listens to a variety of music; the only genre he does not appreciate is country.

He would like to go to college and study something like physical therapy at UNR. He would also like to move in with his older siblings, Bernabe has both an older brother and an older sister to which he looks up to.

He most admires his father.

“My old man the way he looks at every situation, the way he is calm about everything, and the way he became successful from starting with nothing” is very motivational for Bernabe.

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