The Senior Buckaroo Roundup

The Senior Buckaroo Roundup

By Theresa Thompson Posted June 2, 2010

Brandon Eldodt
“My friends and I do stunts. Like tieing Kiefer to the back of a car on a scooter and driving that car very fast.”

Brandon Eldodt. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Brandon Eldodt. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

What makes you happy?
Unicorns, butterflies, stuff of that nature.

Have you ever lived anywhere else?
Yeah in Albuquerque, New Mexico until I was about six then we moved here.

Who is your favorite teacher and why?
Mrs. Doyle or Mrs. James just because I can talk to them not only about school but other things and they won’t judge me. They help me out in everything.

Role models?
My mom is one of my role models because she is really hard-working, and really dedicated to everything. If you say your cold she’d take her shirt off her back and give it to you, she’s just that kind of person.

What are your post Graduate plans?
I’m going to go to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City with three of my friends, Jake, Terrell, and Alex. I’m also rooming with Terrell.

Hannah Sampson
“Enjoy [high school] don’t be stupid and get good grades.”

Hannah Sampson. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Hannah Sampson. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

Favorite class?
Anatomy because I want to be a vet and it prepares me for that.

Swim, snowboard, hanging with friends

Most important thing?
My dog because she is a princess.

What scares you?
Graduating because I don’t know if I’m ready to be on my own.

The best thing that has happened in high school?
Having a lot of friends

Most embarrassing moment?
I had black ink on my forehead and Libby said you have black stuff on your forehead. But I had to pass out workbooks then I tripped over Reid’s crutches and dropped all the books on Zacks chips and crushed them and everybody was just laughing at me.

One thing you want to do in life?
Bungee jump

Jake Maga

“I’ve never had an embarrassing moment.”

Jake Maga. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Jake Maga. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

Do you have any siblings?
Yeah. Brad, Chet, Kennedy, Megan, and Lauran.

I go to church sometimes.

Advice about high school?
It goes really fast so work hard and don’t waste a second of it.

Do you have any pet peeves?
Yeah, I hate stupid people. People that do stupid things or say stupid things just really bother me.

Have your traveled anywhere?
Yeah, I went to Cancun, Hawaii, Greenland, and Alaska.

Most important thing in your life and why?
My family because they’ll support me no matter what. If I didn’t have my family I wouldn’t have a lot.

What do you fear?
I don’t have any fears.

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